Designed to nurture the service leadership of students by exposing them to the changing needs of the community, the Service-Learning programme is an exciting part of the curriculum. Embodying both the School’s mission and the University’s Whole Person Education philosophy, we have developed a series of innovative course-embedded Service Learning Projects (“SLP”) through which students can help non-profit organisations and contribute to the greater good of society.


By using their business skills to help such organisations, either by preparing accounts, building websites, conducting marketing research or training courses, students gain valuable experience and academic credits while directly making a difference in the community.

To date, more than 2,443 BBA students have “served and learned” in more than 138 non-profit organizations in Hong Kong and Mainland China. The programme is widely recognised and strongly supported by the community.

In 2006, the Wu Yee Sun Charitable Foundation Limited donated HK$1 million to further expand the programme, and more than 62 BBA students were awarded scholarships to serve in provinces and cities in Mainland China like Yunnan, Guizhou, Nanjing, Sichuan and Ningxia, through various projects organised in partnership with NGOs such as World Vision, the Amity Foundation, Virtus Foundation Ltd. and the Baptist Church in Mainland China. 

Interested students can take part in SLP projects through:

  • Course-based Service-Learning Projects

  • Non Course-based Service-Learning Projects


For details, please check the Summary of Agencies for the Service-Learning Programme.