The Information Systems and Business Intelligence Concentration has always been uniquely positioned to meet and respond to the ever-changing needs of businesses in a technology-driven economy. We are the gateway to the future of the business. Our curriculum enables students to explore a plethora of hot topics in Data Analytics, Business Intelligence Applications in various industries and sectors, as well as the collateral policy and regulatory implications. Through the acquisition of first-hand experience in the latest business technologies, students can develop a solid understanding of the structures and processes that convert data into strategic assets. The concentration promotes the concept of a seamless integration of businesses, data, and technology. We envision our graduates to be the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders who are capable to navigate the rapidly transforming technological demands of the business world and our society.

  • The ISBI Concentration prepares students to make use of the latest digital technologies to drive innovations both inside organizations and starting up new ventures. Students will learn not only how innovative technologies can enable digital transformation of existing business and create new digital businesses, but also learn hands-on technologies involved, such as apps development, mobile user experience, development of web-based businesses, performing customer data analytics using machine learning, as well as cybersecurity

  • Students will learn to to face the challenges of the fast-paced digital business transformation and innovation that is happening right now

  • Students can pursue additional graduation options including Double Concentration within BBA, or a Minor in non-business discipline
Career paths in IT auditing or consultancy work in Systems and Process Assurance, Information Risk Management, Enterprise Risk Services, etc:
Career Opportunities Career Opportunities

Career paths in other areas:

Career Opportunities Career Opportunities

1. Hong Kong Computing Society (HKCS)

Graduates are eligible to register as Graduates Member of the Society.

2. Information Systems Auditing and Control Association (ISACA)

As of 25 August 2009, the Hong Kong Baptist University BBA Information Systems and Business Intelligence curriculum as submitted to ISACA® was found to be in alignment with the ISACAO Model Curriculum for IS Audit and Control. Graduates of this program qualify for one year work experience toward the Certified Information Systems Auditor™ (CISAO®) designation.

9 units

ISEM 2006  Programming for Business Application using Python

ISEM 3006  Data Management in Business

ISEM 3005  Business System Analysis and Design