The School's Career Services Section (CSS) aspires to  create a sustainable and advantageous environment where the School in conjunction with businesses and organisations aspire to nurture students into future business leaders with a unique career and life vision in a global marketplace, with the following missions and aims:

  • To deliver rigorous education through multifaceted events, seminars, workshops which inspire our business students to become competitive and socially responsible employees

  • Partner with businesses and other organisations to extend our presence to potential employers in the market

  • To partner with businesses and organisations to realise students’ potential and leverage the talent pool in return

  • Facilitate students to explore career aspirations that match their personalities

  • Equip them with the prerequisite skills as well as knowledge required for a successful business career to enhance their professionalism

  • Provide them with international opportunities through job search and corporate connections

  • To partner with businesses and other organisations to extend our presence to potential employers in the market

Students will be prepared to accelerate their career growth by developing a professional portfolio through participating in a wide range of customised career development events and coaching.

Services of CSS
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BBA students can enjoy:

  • Employability Enhancement Workshop / Webinar

  • Career Festival for School of Business

  • One-on-One Consultation on Particular job / internship application via CSS


Practice Tests: Numerical, verbal reasoning skills & exercises for Assessment Centre

  • Workmaze: Information about graduate and internship programmes from MNCs

  • Video Interview & Global Career Portal

  • Factsheet of Management Trainee and Graduae Trainee openings in Hong Kong / Asia Pacific

CSS sharing platforms

Linkedin & Career Portal (Google Shared Drive)

Monthly eNews: MyCareer

Recruitment Talk exclusively for Business students