The Human Resources Management (HRM) Concentration has been recognized as the leading human resources degree programme in Hong Kong in recent university ranking surveys. It provides a focus on human resources management, combining rigour of a business degree with exposure to the business arena in order to prepare students for the workplace challenges they will encounter in both local and international corporations.

  • The HRM concentration aims to nurture the next generations of business talents and HR professionals with an innovative mind, a caring heart, a can-do attitude and a global vision that embrace the people-centric approach in managing and developing people in organizations. 

  • Our curriculum covers the essential areas of HRM, such as learning and development, people resourcing and employer branding, performance appraisal and rewards, and employment law and practices.  

  • To empower students to practice evidence-based HRM, training in conducting HR research and analytics is provided.  

  • Students can pursue additional graduation options, including Double Concentration within BBA, or a Minor in non-business discipline.

HRM graduates can pursue careers in management or human resources management or other management functions, including HR specialties such as recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation and benefits, and industrial relations; or other business executive positions.

  1. Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources Management (HKIHRM)
    Graduates are eligible to register as Associate Members of the Institute.

  2. Hong Kong People Management Association (HKPMA)
    Graduates are eligible to register as Associate Members of the Association.

  3. Hong Kong Institute for Training Professionals (HKIPT)
    Graduates are eligible to register as Associate Members of the institute.

  4. Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI)
    Enrolled students and graduates are eligible to register as Members of the Institute.
15 units

HRMN 3005 Learning and Development                                                                                          

HRMN 3006 People Resourcing and Employer Branding                                                              

HRMN 4005 Performance Appraisal and Rewards                                                                        

HRMN 4006 Employment Law and Practices                                                                                    

HRMN 4016 Research Methods and Analytics for People Management