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To ensure a nearly 100% employment rate, we offer students a diverse range of resources to equip them for their future careers. Our offerings include internship programs, career festival and recruitment talks. Students can gain practical experience and explore various career paths.

Internship Opportunities

We understand the importance of students acquiring hands-on training before starting their career paths. HKBUBBA actively collaborate with businesses to offer internship opporuntities to students.  Remarkably, over 60% of BBA students engaged in 1 to 3 local or overseas internship programmes throughout their 4-year university life.

Career Support

The CareerLink of HKBU Business School offers a widge range of customised career development events for students. Whether you are seeking for career consultation or job opportunities, we are here to help!

Graduate Employment

Graduate employability is always an important indicator that reflects our success in preparing students for the job market. Follow us to explore more about our graudates' employment rates and job sectors.