The BBA (Hons) Programme (JUPAS Code: JS2120) is designed for students who have great interest in business studies but have not decided a field for major focus. Admitted students will take fundamental courses of various concentrations during the first year, so as to better understand their strengths and interests before deciding the concentration. 

For AY23/24, students will be asked to submit the declaration online by 31 March 2024. In mid-May, the Academic Registry notifies students their assigned concentration through email.

Students may also contact the Programme Office via email: for enquiries.

Business Concentrations


The ACCT Concentration provides a balance of breadth and depth in the discipline, with a view of producing accountants with a much-needed analytical and conceptual mind. Accountants are always in strong demand in the business world, and this Concentration is carefully designed to provide students not just with training in accounting, but with multi-disciplinary knowledge, analytical ability, information processing proficiency, communication skills, and a sound liberal education to excel in the accounting profession and other business fields.

BBA ACCT students who completed the core and prescribed elective courses will be qualified for following recognitions:

  1. Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA)

  2. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

  3. Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)

  4. CPA Australia

  5. Association of International Accountants (AIA)

  6. Institute of Certified Management Accountants (CMA Australia)

Economics & Data Analytics

The ECONDA Concentration offers knowledge of economic reasoning and data analytics - a powerful combination that meets the employers' demand nowadays. The program offers a variety of economics courses that allow students to apply economic reasoning to analyze individual markets and macroeconomies; and to make decisions and formulate strategies for business and government. It also prepares students for developing careers in the field of data analytics by providing them with skills associated with quantitative and statistical analysis, big data analytics, programming, data visualization and machine learning. By taking various applied electives, in addition to the core foundation courses, students will be trained to analyze business and scoial issues using a data-driven approach. It allows them to customize their learning experiences to fit their preferences and career aspirations.

Entrepreneurship & Business Innovation

The EBI Concentration aims to foster entrepreneurial spirit and global vision of students by using a multi-disciplinary and practical approach to provide them with entrepreneurial mindset, skills, knowledge and experience for business venturing, growth and development in local and international environment. This concentration is to prepare students to work as entrepreneurial change agent within a corporate setting or start up their own business venture.

Students will take a deep dive into entrepreneurial knowledge, develop highly transferable skills, and foster entrepreneurial mindsets that will allow them to become the agents of change. Upon graduation, students will be able to confidently leverage uncertainties in creating their own businesses, in leading innovation and change in well-established organizations they choose to work for, or in connecting various functional areas of business to generate strong synergies.


The FINE Concentration equips students with knowledge pivotal to making sound investment and financing decisions. The curriculum emphasizes the functional areas of the finance profession: investment management, derivatives and risk management, fixed-income securities management and corporate finance.

Human Resources Management

The HRM Concentration has been recognized as the leading human resources degree programme in Hong Kong in recent university ranking surveys. It provides a focus on human resources management, combining rigour of a business degree with exposure to the business arena in order to prepare students for the workplace challenges they will encounter in both local and international corporations.

Graduates are eligible to register as Associate Members of the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources Management (HKIHRM), Hong Kong People Management Association (HKPMA), and Hong Kong Institute for Training Professionals (HKIPT). Also, enrolled students and graduates are eligible to register as Members of the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI).

Information Systems & Business Intelligence

The ISBI Concentration has always been uniquely positioned to meet and respond to the ever-changing needs of businesses in a technology-driven economy. We are the gateway to the future of the business. Our curriculum enables students to explore a plethora of hot topics in Data Analytics, Business Intelligence Applications in various industries and sectors, as well as the collateral policy and regulatory implications. Through the acquisition of first-hand experience in the latest business technologies, students can develop a solid understanding of the structures and processes that convert data into strategic assets. The concentration promotes the concept of a seamless integration of businesses, data, and technology. We envision our graduates to be the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders who are capable to navigate the rapidly transforming technological demands of the business world and our society.

ISBI graduates are eligible to register as Graduates Member of the Hong Kong Computing Society (HKCS). As of August 2009, HKBU BBA - Information Systems and Business Intelligence curriculum as submitted to ISACA® was found to be in alignment with the ISACAO Model Curriculum for IS Audit and Control. Graduates of this program qualify for one year work experience toward the Certified Information Systems Auditor™ (CISAO®) designation.


The MKTG Concentration nurtures students to become competitive and ethical business leaders in the global marketplace. We emphasize the linkage between theory and practice by connecting our students with the industry. The pedagogical approach equips students with up-to-date marketing knowledge and practical experience through various activities including seminars, guest talks, internships, service learning, etc. The department aims at realizing your conceptual ability to resolve marketing problems and contribute to the well-being of the society.

This programme has been approved and accredited by The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) to provide direct entry onto the CIM's Professional Diploma in Marketing. Exemptions are granted from all subjects in the Foundation Programme of the Hong Kong Institute of Company Secretaries (HKICS)/ the Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators (ICSA). Enrolled students and graduates are eligible to register as Associate Members of the International Institute of Management (IIM).

Strategic Retail Management & Innovation

The REMT Concentration is the latest Concentration opened for admission since 2023. Students will receive opportunities to equip themselves with professional retailing knowledge and management and business skills to become competitive and ethical business leaders and managerial personnel in the retail industry. 

Transdisciplinary Concentration

Social Data Analytics and Management

The SDAM Concentration aims at equipping students with rigorous transdisciplinary proficiency in data analytical skills, social sciences and business methods and domain knowledge, through which students can apply to solving real-world problems effectively and ethically across different social contexts.

Social Marketing and Entrepreneurship

The SME Concentration aims at equipping students with rigorous transdisciplinary proficiency in social sciences and business methods and domain knowledge, through which students can apply to solving real-world problems effectively and ethically across different social contexts.