Non-JUPAS Admission Scheme is for local and non-local applicants who are applying for admission on the basis of qualifications other than Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) or National Joint College Entrance Examination (JEE) results of the current year. The University adopts a holistic approach in selecting applicants for interview/ test on a case-by-case basis. 

Hong Kong permanent citizens are regarded as local applicants, even if they are currently residing or studying overseas. Applicants are allowed to select one category only which can best reflect the Highest Qualifications/Status:

  • Associate Degree (AD)/ Higher Diploma (HD)
  • Final Year Students/Holders
  • AD/HD Non-final Year Students
  • Degree Holders
  • Transfer Students
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Students/ Holders
  • General Certificate Education (GCE) Applicants
  • SAT Applicants
  • Mature Applicants
  • Others

Applicants may choose to join HKBU BBA from Year 1 to explore the all-rounded curriculum across various disciplines and declare their Concentration before the end of Year 1. Students admitted to Year 1 of study with advanced standing may apply for transfer of units if they have taken equivalent courses previously.

Senior Year Admissions generally refer to direct entry to Year 3 of 4-year undergraduate programmes. Applicant admitted to HKBU BBA as Senior Entry students may pick any of the following Concentrations offered and graduate in 2 years.

General Entrance Requirements

We adopt a holistic approach in selecting applicants on individual merits. Applicants are required to meet the University Entrance Requirements, English Language Requirements and will also be evaluated by intervirew performance (if any).


Normalized Mean cGPA of Senior Year Entrant (2023 entry)

The normalised mean cGPA refers to the average cGPA of the senior year entrants admitted in a particular admission year. For easy reference, the cGPAs are normalised with a cap at 4.00.

Programme Title No. of Admitted Senior Year Entrants Normalised Mean cGPAs#
Bachelor of Business Administration—Accounting Concentration 32 3.35
Bachelor of Business Administration—Economics and Data Analytics Concentration 15 3.27
Bachelor of Business Administration—Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation Concentration 17 3.02
Bachelor of Business Administration—Finance Concentration 24 3.22
Bachelor of Business Administration—Human Resources Management Concentration 33 3.16
Bachelor of Business Administration—Information Systems and Business Intelligence Concentration 14 3.15
Bachelor of Business Administration—Marketing Concentration 39 3.26
Bachelor of Business Administration—Strategic Retail Management and Innovation Concentration 14 3.08
School Total 188 3.19

For enquiries regarding credit transfer and graduation requirments, please contact the BBA Programme Office directly.

The University accepts online applications only and all applications should be submitted via the University's website. For the 2023 entry, the main round application period is from December 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023. For more details and application procedures, please click HERE.

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