The additional graduation option of Double Concentration is available under the 4-year curriculum.  To achieve this, students can make use of the Free Electives to pursue a 2nd concentration within the BBA programme by completing seven courses (or 21 units) of the 2nd concentration, following the required concentration structure.  


Potential Benefits
Expanded career options:

With two business concentrations, you have a wider range of career paths to choose from. You can explore opportunities in various industries and roles, giving you more flexibility in shaping your career.

Deeper understanding:

Studying two business concentrations allows you to develop a deeper understanding of different aspects of the business world. This can help you make more informed decisions and have a broader perspective when it comes to problem-solving and strategic thinking.

Networking opportunities:

You will be exposed to a larger network of professionals and peers in different fields. This network can be valuable for future collaborations, mentorship, and job opportunities.


Our Quick Advice
  • Plan your study schedule early, preferably during the 1st semester of your second year, if you wish to pursue double concentration.

  • Be aware of the requirement of the concentration core courses in case you fail to complete the required courses on schedule.

  • Actively consult the Academic Advisor of the corresponding concentration if you need assistance.

  • On average, close to 20% BBA graduates achieve Double Concentration upon graduation. Plan ahead so that you can become one of them.


Check the Double Concentration guideline for more information!