The local and overseas internship opportunities offered by the University and the School of Business give students hands-on work experiences in various fields. Business-related internship can enhance students' competitiveness for employment and future advancement. Over 60% of BBA students have participated in 1 to 3 local / overseas internship programmes during their 4-year university life.

The School offers three credit-bearing elective courses for students to complete a work assignment under the guidance of both faculty and workplace supervisors. Table below shows the full list of courses offered in AY 2023-24 and the respective course coordinators.

ACCT 3026 Accounting Internship I

Dr. Man Ko

ACCT 3045 Accounting Internship II

Dr. Man Ko

BUSI 3016 Business Internship

Dr. Lucia Fung

BUSI 3037 Entrepreneurial Internship I

Dr. Marta Dowejko

BUSI 3047 Entrepreneurial Internship II

Dr. Marta Dowejko

ECON 3066 Business Economics Internship

Dr. Aries Wong

FINE 3026 Finance Internship

Dr. Duan Yang

ISEM 3026 ISEM Internship

Dr. Tony Wong

MKTG 3016 Marketing Internship

Mr. Barry Hung

HRMN3026 HRM Internship

Dr. Alicia Leung

REMT3007 Retail Management Internship

Ms. Joyce Kong

Non-credit bearing internship programmes offered by the University allow students to gain work experience in local companies or overseas cities such as Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Singapore, the U.S.A. or the U.K. during the summer:

Global Attachment Opportunities (GAO)
Local Attachment Opportunities (LAO)
Metropolitan Attachment Programme (MAP)

Every summer, over 50 BBA students intern in overseas destinations. Every year, nearly 100 BBA students join these programmes with financial support.

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The Citi-HKCSS Community Intern Program (CIP) is an annual summer internship programme organized by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service for more than 770 student interns in past 10 years. The Programme allows student interns to contribute knowledge and expertise to NPO, and the ultimate aim is to cultivate the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and to provide future business professionals with a broadened understanding of the community.

In CIP 2021, a total of 78 students, of which 15 of them are from BU BBA, have completed their internship and served the community in 40 non-government organizations and social enterprises.

Our MKTG Year 3 student Miss Chan Lok Yan Kary received the Ward for Excellence from the Citi-HKCSS Community Intern Program (CIP) in summer 2021. The Award is given to interns who have demonstrated outstanding contributions to their placement organizations.