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Degree Study in Hong Kong

There are now a total number of 20 institutions in Hong Kong which provide students with degree study (or above levels). Among the 20 degree-awarding institutions, 9 of them are publicly-funded while the remained are self-financing ones. They include HKU, CUHK, HKUST, CityU, HKBU, LU, Poly, HKIEd, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, OUHK, VTC, Tung Wah College, HKSYU, Hong Kong Nang Yan College of Higher Education, HKCT Institute of Higher Education, HSMC, Gratia Christian College, Chu Hai College of Higher Education, Centennial College and Caritas Institute of Higher Education.

Apart from all degree study programmes offered for undergraduate, in Hong Kong there are also a wide range of taught and research postgraduate programmes for students who have already obtained a bachelor degree from the above institutions.

To obtain a bachelor degree in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Government has provides students with more than a single pathway, with multiple entry and exit points. For the most direct pathway, right after completing the HKDSE exam students can study the bachelor degree programmes in one of the above degree-awarding institutions. A list of sub-degree programmes is also available in many institutions for students who have just completed the HKDSE exam. Upon graduation students can continue their study by enrolling in the top-up degree programmes hence obtaining their bachelor degree qualifications afterwards.

The Hong Kong Government has adopted a two-pronged strategy to promote the degree and above level study and other modes of post-secondary study, which are provided by both the publicly-funded sector and the self-financing sector. Currently almost 40% of the relevant age cohort, i.e. 18 to 25, can have an access to education at degree of above levels. When compared to the situation in the past, the proportion has been increasing in a dramatic rate.