HKBU BBA Scholarship for Outstanding DSE Students

Want a BBA scholarship? Know the details before applying!

Outstanding DSE students who are admitted to HKBU BBA can receive scholarship of maximum 2 year tuition fee ($84,200). No quota limit.

As per the latest education based data of 2017, Hong Kong is one of the most chosen international education destination for students. With five of the top hundred universities in this domain, business administration studies have got the top position, and more people are looking for BBA scholarship to study. The current education system in Hong Kong combines both theoretical and practical points to create exciting courses. So, as a student, you have a plethora of options for you, especially in business studies.

Do you wish to study business administration in Hong Kong? Are you a local student or from the ASEAN countries? Well, in either case, you should have certain information that is essential for you to get the scholarship and enroll in this course.

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Eligibility for BBA scholarship within the Hong Kong domain:

The primary aim of this scholarship is to attract rewarding students from the mainland as well the rest of the world.

International students (including ASEAN):

1.The Director of Immigration has to issue an entry and study permit.

2.The student has to clear minimum entrance marks.

3.Next, the student will have to sit for an interview where he will have to demonstrate excellent communication skills and clarity about business studies.

Now it depends on the total marks that this student will obtain to determine his or her scholarship.

Mainland Students:

1.They have to meet the entrance level marks. Also, they will have to clear the interview round.

Students from the Mainland have a major portion of the seats reserved for them. So, chances of booking a seat are more, although competition remains stiff.

Types of scholarships:

There are technically 3 types of scholarships that this domain offers. They are:

1.State sponsored scholarships (Limited options)

2.University-sponsored scholarship (Most opted for business studies)

3.Scholarships by charitable organisations and private trusts

For BBA course, the most prevalent option is scholarship offered by Universities.

The cost of studies in Hong Kong domain:

Currently, this strip of Chinese domain is providing specialised courses in BBA as – Finance, Human Resource, Accountancy, and other Economic branches. The average cost of Business Studies ranges within HK$75,000-HK$120,000 annually. Hence, students can get scholarship worth, HK$30,000-50,000.

There are 100% scholarships available in business studies programs, but options are limited. However, the current grant acts as an incentive for students to choose out this domain for higher studies.

If you want to know more about BBA scholarship, do check out the official websites of universities. You will get detailed information on their brochure tab.