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Potential Careers for BBA graduates in Hong Kong

BBA, bachelor of business administration, programme provides students with a great opportunity to learn the all-round knowledge that they need to survive in the world of business. To start their post-BBA careers in a vast variety of fields successfully, students can utilize what they have learnt through their 4 year learning in enhancing their presentation, communications and interpersonal skills. Other than that, business internship opportunities also play an important role for students to gain hands-on experience for the starting stage of their post-BBA careers.

Students who have completed the BBA degree programs often go on to careers in advertising, marketing and public relations, as a BBA degree greatly help students pursue careers in various fields in business, including advertising, public relations, sales, market research, brand management, and more.

According to the statistics from the Hong Kong government, advertising managers, marketing managers and public relations managers are 3 of the most popular positions obtained by BBA graduates years after their graduation. In their career, they are often regarded as a group of specialists who are specifically associated with the operational and technical aspects of an organization, distinct from executive or strategic functions.

BBA offers a basket of courses which cover topics such as human resources, production, finance, accounting, and marketing, from the perspective of administration of business, which is an exclusively important set of activities that are necessary to maintain the highest level of operations within any business organization.

In order to direct activities toward the companies’ goals and objectives, business administration should include the performance or management of all business operations, all decisions made or going to be made, and organization of human resources and other kinds of resources. Associated finance, personnel and MIS services are also examples of key functions under business administration.