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What all career options can you opt for after a BBA Accounting specialisation?

Recognized by the professional institutions such as HKICPA and ACCA, the HKBU BBA Accounting concentration facilitates students in paving their career in professional accounting firms, government or related sectors.

So, you have decided to take up BBA accounting for your undergraduate course. Quite an apt academic decision for sure. The current academic and professional domain demand individuals with a degree in business administration since there are multiple job openings. Hence, you need not join an accountancy firm post your graduation now.

Another notable point is the manner of influential academic increase in Hong Kong. As per 2017 academic data, it houses 5 among the top 100 Universities in the world, with a particular focus paid to the subject - business administration. Clearly, it is time that you check out specialised courses in this field and suitable job opportunities.

Specialisation programs:

BBA Accounting is one of the latest specialisation programs that most universities in this Chinese domain have brought forth. It has course options as Fundamentals of marketing and management, Financial Accounting, Management of operations, Taxation.

Since accountancy is one of the most complex aspects of finance, the first point that this subject offers is how to get financial solutions and strategic partnerships. Hence, starting from public corporations, to areas as investment banking, stocks and bonds, currency risk management and international finance, a student can meddle in all.

The available alternative career options in this regard include – investment advisor, stock analysts, commodity analyst, financial controller and assistant consultants.

A deeper analytical view into the prospects:

There are a couple of aspects that you have to understand in regards to this subject and its trending job opportunities.

1.With a business administration degree in accounting, you can work in tune with marketing professionals. You will be responsible for, planning and tracking financial aspects (both at macro and micro levels), research on market demands and plan inclusion of finance accordingly.

2.Generally, operations management includes production of goods and its management. A graduate in business administration with specialization in accounting will help to keep track of amount invested in production, compensation of employees, additional costs and profits.

Hence, for a career option, you have a plethora before you.

Also, you can pursue an alternative field with a specialised degree, BBA Accounting is the one to consider. To know more, you can check out the official websites of universities and colleges for a detailed course structure. Know your subjects and choose wisely.