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Student's Sharing

Image of Rosina Cheung

Rosina Cheung

Class of Year 4 , BBA in Human Resources Management

I am grateful to be one of the School of Business Student Ambassadors to receive opportunities to enrich my campus life. The School has provided a series of training workshops to improve my leadership, presentation & MC skills and business etiquette that boosted my abilities. Besides, the friendship and social network that I gained are invaluable. This is my pleasure to be part of the student ambassador scheme and I am thankful for this precious experience.

Image of Natalie Ng

Natalie Ng

Class of Year 2 , BBA in Finance

Joining the Student Ambassador Scheme is the best decision made in my university life. I am given with opportunities to learn and serve the BBA community. These experiences made my U-life more fruitful.


Image of Davis Lee

Davis Lee

Class of 2020 , BBA in Applied Economics and Finance

The BBA programme helps me to prepare well for the ever-changing business industry by providing technical and practical training in the classes. I am always encouraged to equip myself outside the classroom by taking up gap year internship, exchange program and participating in different global and local business competitions!


Image of Jack Cheung

Jack Cheung

Class of 2014 , BBA in Marketing

After graduation, I was referred by the BBA Programme Office to a fashion brand management course in Paris. The course further developed my fashion sense which brought me into the fashion industry. Though I have graduated, I often return to the University to mingle with my junior schoolmates or participated as speaker in various alumni activities. I hope my own experience could be guidance to them. It is important to pass the torch to the next generation.

Image of Raymond Pang

Raymond Pang

Class of 2012 , BBA in Human Resources Management

As a business graduate who majored in Human Resources Management, I focused on choosing a career that is people oriented. While MTR is a large and influential company that connects local communities, it also treasures its employees and is keen on developing their growth. We are therefore connected. I joined as a Human Resources Associate and was granted with various rotation opportunities and exposures to appreciate the Corporation from different angles. All the happy and fruitful rotation experiences were engraved in my MTR career. Upon completion of my trainee programme, I have been working as a Human Resources Development Officer in the Management Training and Development Department. Customer service training, managerial training and mobile learning are the major areas I focus on. Only 4 years of service years, I consider myself as a novice in the Corporation. There is still a long way to go in building a successful career. Being proactive and willing to work as a team player are some crucial qualities that most companies are looking for. Build up and develop your own competitive edge so that you can show how you can benefit and contribute to the company. “Success doesn’t come to you. You go to it.” - Marva Collins.

Image of Derek Wong

Derek Wong

Class of 2015 , BBA in Human Resources Management

DHL is a world-leading logistics company with a good brand image. Its employees stand a good chance of experiencing different job rotations and expanding their network. It will be a great starting point to build up my career, and that is why I have joined DHL. Currently, I am working for Apple operations as a team leader for packing and dispatch team. I have been rotated for different operations like Adidas and Lego. As a Management Trainee, we need to be a fast learner and eager to accept challenges. If we are not passionate about our job with a can-do attitude, we could not survive and build up a successful career. More than that, Right First Time mindset is also an important competency for climbing up the corporate ladder in DHL. I would like to advise the business students who would like to step into the Logistics world to be proactive at learning and working. Do not focus on the salary only. "Experience and build your own brand name!”

Image of Fan Wing Sze Angel

Fan Wing Sze Angel

Class of 2017 , BBA in Accounting

I am so blessed to become one of the Student Ambassadors of the School of Business. I have been given many opportunities to represent the school in major event s like welcoming the AACSB Peer Review Team, sharing my university life with secondary students and attending key business conferences. The school also provides us professional trainings and workshops such as MC training and team-building activities. I really had a blast in the Student Ambassadors Scheme in the past two years!

Image of Daisy Shang

Daisy Shang

Class of 2017 , BBA in Accounting

I was offered an internship with EY where I handled transfer pricing issues in the International Tax Department. In dealing with financial institutions exclusively, I acquired practical insights into financial industries by scanning through the transaction figures and viewing local tax ruling updates every morning. I also interned at PwC as a trainee in Assurance. There, I worked on the testing and adjustment of financial statements. Attentiveness and assertiveness are essential elements required by companies. It is also good for business students to be keen learners when they enter the job market.

Image of Kong Hoi Ming William

Kong Hoi Ming William

Class of 2018 , BBA in Applied Economics

Student Ambassador Scheme is a fast track for students who aspire to be future business leaders. It not only provides well-round training but also practical serivce opportunities to boost one’s skills and confidence. I personnaly was benefited a lot from the training and the service chances as Master of Ceremonies. The different occasions I spoke in front of the public greatly enhance my confidence in public speaking. I urge you grab the chance to join SA.