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Joint University Programmes Admissions System (JUPAS) is a scheme and the main route of application designed to assist local students with Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination results (past and / or current) to apply for admission.

Currently, the HKBU School of Business offers two JUPAS Programmes: JS2110 Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) - Accounting Concentration and JS2120 Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons).

JUPAS Programmes

JUPAS CodeProgramme Full TitleIntake Quota
JS 2110

Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) - Accounting Concentration

JS 2120Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)182-192

JS2120 - BBA (Hons) Programme is designed for students who have great interest in business studies but haven’t decided a focus field yet. Admitted students can investigate different concentrations by completing a common Year 1 curriculum and declare their concentration from one of the below areas: 

- Economics and Data Analytics

- Finance

- Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation

- Human Resources Management

- Information Systems and Business Intelligence

- Marketing

- Strategic Retail Management and Innovation

The School does not set any quota and will accommodate students' choices.

For more details about the BBA Programme, please check our latest brochure. For more details about the University’s admission requirement, please refer to:


BBA Brochure

BBA Brochure    Download

Minimum Admission Requirements

In order to be considered for admission to the Business School, applicants are required to achieve the following minimum grades.


SubjectEnglishChineseMathematicsCitizenship and Social DevelopmentTwo Elective Subjects*
Minimum Grade332Attained3
Subject Weightingx1.5x1x1N/Ax1


Extended modules in Mathematics (M1/M2): Recognized as Elective
Applied Learning subjects: Recognized as Elective
Other Language subjects: Not Recognized as Elective

Selection Interview

Subject to fulfilling the interview selection criteria set by the School of Business, JUPAS applicants who place our programmes as Band A choices may be invited for interview.

Students with outstanding performance will be given bonus scores, which would affect the admission opportunity quite significantly.

If BBA programmes are removed from Band A, the bonus score earned from the interview will be forfeited.



School Visits


To reach the potential students directly, the BBA (Hons) Programme organizes “BBA Student Sharing” to introduce latest updates and information of the programme.

Since it was launched in 2013, we have received the support from many schools. Positive comments have been received from both the secondary teachers and students. Through visiting secondary schools, we aim to:

    • Introduce the BBA (Hons) Programme, including curriculum features, admission requirements, student development activities, etc.
    • Introduce students the university life
    • Help students to make the best possible programme choices
    • Connect BBA students with their alma mater




    Schools interested in holding school talks may contact us through email or fill in our Online Request Form.


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