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The School of Business strives to empower BBA students with both professional academic knowledge and practical skills. BBA students must satisfy the following requirements for graduation. 

Experiential Learning 120 hours or above

With the aim to encourage students acquire experiential learning and apply business knowledge in and from real world environment, “Experiential Learning” has become a graduation requirement for BBA students starting. Students are required to complete one of the following Experiential Learning activities before graduation:

  • Internship (local / overseas)
  • Exchange Programme (regular semester / summer) or
  • Service Learning Projects


Intended Learning Outcomes
To ensure students achieve learning outcomes of appropriate standard, the following learning outcomes are devised. Upon completion of the experiential learning requirement, students are expected to:

  • Understand more about business related career and develop their career interest.
  • Develop proper work attitude and business skills essential to be a young professional.
  • Exhibit enhanced knowledge and abilities resulting from work experience, study abroad and / or service-learning experience.


* For details, please check the General Guidelines for Experiential Learning Activities and Briefing PPT 

(updated: September 2022).

* For Internship, please download the Employer Evaluation Form on Intern Performance HERE

General Requirement

BBA students are required to take 128 units to fulfill the graduation requirement, which includes General Education courses, Business courses and free electives. BBA students begin their university life with general education and business foundation courses in Years 1 and 2, taking more advanced and more specialized courses as they move into Years 3 and 4. In Year 4, they have to complete an Honours Project on a topic of their selected Concentration.

Students are encouraged to log-in to Student Area and refer to the Student Handbook to their intake year for details.