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Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation Concentration

The Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation Concentration aims to foster entrepreneurial spirit and global vision of students by using a multi-disciplinary and practical approach to provide them with entrepreneurial mindset, skills, knowledge and experience for business venturing, growth and development in local and international environment. This concentration is to prepare students to work as entrepreneurial change agent within a corporate setting or start up their own business venture.


To create, lead, and connect in the age of uncertainty - we live in a VUCA world. Volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. Organizations and individuals alike face the “new normal” where the only constant is change. By fostering entrepreneurial mindsets and business innovation we equip the new generations with competence and grit to thrive under the conditions of uncertainty and crisis. By applying the entrepreneurial logic to developing and running organizations, we help our future graduates to redefine the meaning of VUCA by turning volatility into vision, uncertainty into understanding, complexity into clarity, and ambiguity into agility.

Students will take a deep dive into entrepreneurial knowledge, develop highly transferable skills, and foster entrepreneurial mindsets that will allow them to become the agents of change. Upon graduation, students will be able to confidently leverage uncertainties in creating their own businesses, in leading innovation and change in well-established organizations they choose to work for, or in connecting various functional areas of business to generate strong synergies.


Our curriculum emphasizes the strong links between the theory and practical aspects of entrepreneurship education and follow the entrepreneurial process of pursuing new opportunities.

First, we switch from a functional to process-based curriculum. Second, we emphasize the transferability of the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge across different contexts. Finally, the process-based design of the curriculum will allow for the introduction of more diversified assessment methods. This approach will encourage the development of strong analytical skills, encourage innovation, enable the formation of external social and professional networks for career development, and empower students to enhance their soft skills.

Programme Features

  • Networking with leading entrepreneurs

  • Exchange opportunities with top entrepreneurship programmes in universities overseas

  • Internship opportunities in startups, or companies with seasoned entrepreneurs

  • Sponsorship for business competitions

  • Additional graduation options include a Double Concentration within the BBA, or a Minor in a non-business discipline

Career Opportunities & Internships

Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation Concentration prepares students to work as entrepreneurial change agent in corporate setting or form their own business venture.

Entrepreneurial Internship

The School is offering BUSI 3037 Entrepreneurial Internship I and BUSI 3047 Entrepreneurial Internship II,  which will provide students a unique experience and challenging opportunity to work in the hottest startups in Hong Kong including but not limited to GoGoX, 9gag, Ztore, Klook, WeLend, DayDayCook, OneDegree and Moneyhero.

This Entrepreneurial Internship course is open to all BBA undergraduate students. Students can earn 6 credit units after completion of BUSI 3037 (120 hours) and BUSI 3047 (360 hours) in the same company.

Benefits of Working at a Startup

1. Work wih talented entrepreneurs
2. Build excellent credential on  resume
3. Develop your potential
4. Chance to work with pioneer projects in difficult times
5. Understand how startups operate
‚Äč6. Work in open and innovative culture


Required Courses for Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation Concentration 9 units

BUSI 2046  From Insight to Prototype: Generating Opportunities with Market Insights

BUSI 3057  Managing Entrepreneurial Ventures

BUSI 3065  Me, Us, and Them: The Human Factor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation


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