JUPAS Interview (Band A Choice required)|School of Business.HKBU

Most Popular JUPAS Band A Choice – BBA in Marketing & BBA in Accounting

Among all JUPAS Choice available for students, being two of the most popular choices that they put into the JUPAS Band A, the BBA in Marketing & BBA in Accounting programmes from various universities provides students with in depth knowledge of marketing and accounting as well as formal training in related aspects. Some of the programmes only intake students who has put the corresponding JUPAS programme choice in their Band A, i.e. Band B, Band C, Band D or Band E will not be considered.

Being conducted in an highly interactive manner and a team environment, and providing students with knowledge of the analytical tools to obtain the whole picture of marketing problems and the essential skills to solve all practical problems which could be encountered in the business profession, the BBA in Marketing strongly focuses on consumer behavior and marketing research, with basic, core courses in marketing research, marketing management consumer behavior, etc, plus elective, advanced courses in marketing communication, international marketing, business-to-business marketing, branding, pricing, retailing, etc.

Graduates from the BBA in Marketing program could develop strong analytical and problem-solving skills, leadership ability, creative thinking, information-based decision-making and strong interpersonal communications skills.

The BBA in Accounting, on the other hand, is another most popular stream in BBA study. It is designed for those who wish to have a world-class start to their professional accounting career. By means of excellence courses, comprising seminars which are led by prominent business professionals, the BBA in Accounting well equips students with not only a solid foundation in business and accounting knowledge, but also strong communications and leadership skills which enable students to succeed in starting their career in the near future. Internship and cadet programs offered by Big4 CPA firms are also part of the BBA in Accounting curriculum.