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Bachelor of Business administration (BBA) study in Hong Kong

Bachelor of Business administration (BBA) is one of the most popular degree subjects in Hong Kong. BBA is designed for students who would like to pursue their career not only in the field of conventional business, but also in fields including marketing, human resource management, information systems, wealth management, etc.

In Hong Kong BBA, all universities, as well as a few recognized educational institutions, have been offering BBA programs for students. Business administration is a very broad area which comprises of dozens of major streams. Hence, the programs have a wide diversity in terms of programs structure, streams, etc. The most common streams under BBA in Hong Kong are marketing, wealth management, human resource management and information systems. Sometimes the program may also offer strong functional training with intensive exposure to the most up-to-date computer applications, communication skills, plus other knowledge in the area of social sciences in order to nurture students as all-round business leaders.

The marketing stream is the most popular one among Hong Kong students, as marketing specialists are essential to companies in all different sectors, of different sizes. The marketing stream highly focuses on marketing management, advertising, brand management, customer relationship management, etc, and provides students with in-depth knowledge which allow them to proactively explore opportunities in the rapidly changing marketplace. The wealth management stream nurtures student as future bankers, fund managers and investment consultants in the local and worldwide business battlefield. The human resource management stream aims to prepare students to become members of the Hong Kong Institute of Human Resource Management, hence a professional in managing human resources in all kinds of organisations. The information systems stream is a rather new, yet more and more popular, stream which provides training in both business administration and information technology, giving students a unique edge in the business field.