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International BBA Exchange Program for BBA Students

The BBA Exchange programme aims at broadening BBA students’ horizons toward internationalization, through the active participation in a study abroad program which strongly encourages students to become more self-reliant, empathetic, and sensitive to other cultures. Besides, The BBA Exchange programme can also diversify the educational experiences and work practices through various options of internship in ways which are not possible to realize on the home campus, offering an interesting alternative to students as well as a perfect opportunity to expand their horizons towards the world. Many believe that such experiences can make students more open-minded, thoughtful and competitive in the increasingly global and cosmopolitan world of business.

Usually BBA students can choose to spend one or two semesters of study at one of the leading business schools around the world that have had a collaborative agreement with their home school. Credits earned from the courses offered at the host institution during the exchange period can be transferred, either partly or completely, for graduation at their home school.

Prior to applying for a place in the international exchange program, an information session is provided to BBA students who are planning to go on exchange to allow them to learn more about the choices of partner universities, the application requirements, the selection criteria, course equivalency and other important information. Also, all necessary information and tips from the former exchange students will be provided to all students. Most exchange programs require a minimum cumulative GPA and a proof of official English test score report, such as IELTS, TOEFL, etc. Usually the application process of the programme consists of an in-person interview and a complete review of students’ capability in different aspects, as well as an application which addresses their top choices among the partner schools around the world.