Scholarships & Student Achievement

Scholarships & Student Achievements


The School of Business works with the business community and professional bodies to establish award schemes and scholarships which recognize students' academic performance, non-academic achievements, and community service. Over 20 scholarships and awards schemes are available exclusive to BBA students.

For International Exposure
Global Experience Support Scheme

The Scholarships are established to encourage and support students to join the Student Exchange ProgrammeMetropolitan Attachment Programme (MAP) and Service Learning Global Internship Programme (SLGIP) organized by the University. 

For Extra-curricular Activities

Champion Scholarship for Business Students Competition Winning Students Award
*Please refer to here for the list of Business-related
 competition recognized by the School

Outstanding BBA Student Leader Scholarship
Other Scholarships
Antonio Barreira Scholarship Bank of China (Hong Kong) Scholarships China Daily Scholarship for BBA Students
Dr. Woo Hon Fai Memorial Scholarship HKICS Foundation Scholarship Mr. Mai Shisong Outgoing Exchange Scholarship for BBA Students
Shanghai Commercial Bank Scholarship  Wong Li Yuk Ying Outgoing Exchange Scholarship for BBA Students  

Apart from these exclusive awards, BBA students will also be considered for other university scholarships, awards, and bursary schemes.