Business Executive Development Scheme

Business Executive Development Scheme

Business Executive Development Programme

The Business Executive Development Programme fosters your holistic development by offering students of all study years academic advising, industrial seminars, training workshops and career services. To cater for the different focuses, three progressive levels are defined to help you draw your own roadmaps to achieve your goals and provide support along the journey.

Level 1: Adapt to BBA Programme
- Attend New Student Orientation
    (The BBA freshmen guidebook for 2020 cohort can be downloaded HERE)
- Research concentration by attending Concentration Briefing & related activities
- Attend at least one seminar organized by the School to explore business industry sectors
- Join one professional development workshop organized by BBA office
- Meet with your mentor regularly
- Apply for the School of Business Student Ambassador Scheme for exclusive training

Level 2: Explore the business world
- Meet with the academic advisor of your concentration
- Attend at least two seminars organized by the School to explore different business industry sectors
- Consider study abroad opportunities
- Plan for your first internship (local/overseas)
- Challenge yourself in business competitions
(the School provides extensive support to business students!)

Level 3: Get ready for your career 
- Attend career fairs and recruitment talks organized by the School or Career Centre
- Join career preparatory workshops to polish your resume and improve interview skills
- Develop your career plan and seek advice from the faculty
- Keep track on the status of your graduation requirement