Minor in BBA

Minor In BBA

Minor in BBA

Non-BBA students can make use of the units for complimentary studies of free electives to attain a minor in their studies.  A course cannot be double-counted as a major and minor course at the same time.  The School of Business offers the following minor programmes for non-BBA students. You may click to obtain the programme curriculum.

- Business Minor
- Accounting Minor
- Applied Economics Minor
- Entrepreneurship Minor
- Finance Minor
- Global and China Business Minor
- Human Resources Management Minor
- Information Systems and e-Business Management Minor
- Marketing Minor

Students are required to complete specific courses to claim a minor in approval of the major and minor Departments concerned.  Please refer to the AR’s website for the useful notes on taking minor programmes [link to: http://ar.hkbu.edu.hk/curr/ug_std/minor_prog/notes_taking_minor_prog/ ]

Should you have any questions, please contact BBA Programme Office at 3411 7567 or email to bba@hkbu.edu.hk