Mainland (JEE)


Non-JUPAS for Citizen of Mainland China (JEE)

Admission Requirements

Citizens of Mainland China entering Hong Kong for the purpose of education with a student visa/ entry permit issued by the Director of Immigration should follow either one of the routes for admission as stated below:

  1. Applicants who do not sit for the 2020 National Joint College Entrance Examination (JEE) or who want to apply on the strength of other qualifications (apart from JEE/ HKDSE) should apply through the Direct (Non-JUPAS) Admission Scheme;

  2. Applicants sitting for the 2021 JEE should apply for admission via the University's Admission Scheme for Mainland Students. Relevant details can be found at Mainland Admission Scheme website.

How to apply

The University accepts online applications only and all applications should be submitted via the University's website. For the 2021 entry, the application period is from Jan 18 2021 (Mon) to Jun 15 2021 (Tue). For more details and application procedures, please click HERE.

Important dates for 2021 entry



January 18, 2021 (Mon)

Application opens

March – May, 2021

Virtual admission talks

Early June, 2021

Exam period of National Joint College Entrance Examination

June 15, 2021 (Tue)

Application closes

Late June, 2021

Admission interview

Early July, 2021

Interview results release 

Early September, 2021

Classes begin

Fees and tuition

The tuition fee for full-time undergraduate degree programmes for the 2021-2022 academic year is HK$140,000 for international (non-local) students# per annum.

The cost of studying at the University as an international (non-local) student is approximately HK$190,000 to HK$194,200 per year for government-funded programmes, including tuition fees, hall residence and daily expenses. The details are as follows:

Cost Items

HK Dollars (Estimated Amount)

Tuition Fee (per annum)*


Hall Residence Fee* (2 or 3-person bedroom)^

10,800 to 15,000 (for 9 months)

Personal Expenses (including meals, transportation, entertainment and miscellaneous)

39,200 (for 9 months)

Total Cost (per annum)



# International (non-local) students are defined as persons entering Hong Kong for the purpose of education with a student visa/ entry permit issued by the Director of Immigration of the Hong Kong Government.
* Subject to annual review and the University's approval.
^ The allocation of rooms is subject to availability of places in the Undergraduate Halls.
Various Scholarship opportunities are available for outstanding local and international (non-local) students. For information on Admission Scholarship, please visit the 
Office of Student Affairs website. 

Please visit the webpage of the Academic Registry for application procedures and admissions information.