HKBU-KU Double Degree Programme

HKBU-KU Double Degree Programme


Students accepted to the programme will spend the first one and a half year course of study at HKBU BBA, then another one and a half year at Kozminski University (KU) in Poland, then another one year at HKBU BBA. Selected students are granted propitious opportunities to receive world class education from both institutions, and to enhance their competence, language, cultural, and social skills. Upon completion of the Programme, students will be awarded both state-recognized degrees from Hong Kong and Poland.

  • The best business school in Central and Eastern Europe according to Financial Times
  • Rank 48 among the best European Business Schools by Financial Times in 2009-2019
  • One of the 1% business schools with triple crowns recognitions


This is a 1.5 + 1.5 + 1 year undergraduate programme, requiring completion of 64 units at HKBU and 90 ECTS units at KU.
To ensure students satisfy the requirements of both programmes and successfully obtain two degrees, evaluation of the courses offered have been undergone to assess the content equivalence. A list of HKBU courses, including Business and General Education, recognized by KU is compiled. After transferring to KU, students must consult BBA Programme Office for course enrollment and report their study plan every semester, so as to fulfil the KU programme requirement. Students are also required to complete KU’s Diploma Workshop final exam


  • Current BBA students in Year 2 from all concentrations

  • Local or non-local students

  • Attain cGPA 3.0 or above

  • Good command of English

Students admitted to KU will be required to complete a mandatory 3-week internship as a part of their core curriculum in KU. Students are also allowed to join an international exchange programme by choosing from a multitude of universities where they would like to spend a semester abroad. No extra payment is required for participation. Student who choose not to participate in an international exchange can also take several electives, or an extended internship.


BBA students who are accepted to the programme should pay the local tuition fee. The School of Business offers scholarship and sponsorship to successful applicants.


Local student accepted to the programme is eligible to apply HKBU Exchange Sponsorship and Scholarships every academic year, which cover most of the tuition fee and living expenses. Non-local students who is NOT the Full Admission Scholarship recipient is also eligible to apply for HKBU Exchange Scholarship.


Application opens every September to October in order to start in the Spring semester of the same academic year in KU.


Criteria including academic ability, communication skills, suitability to the programme (study plan) and non-academic achievements will all be considered. Shortlisted students will be invited to a selection interview.