BBA (Hons)-Accounting Concentration (JUPAS Code: JS 2110)

The Accounting Concentration provides a balance of breadth and depth in the discipline, with a view of producing accountants with a much-needed analytical and conceptual mind. Accountants are always in strong demand in the business world, and this Concentration is carefully designed to provide students not just with training in accounting, but with multi-disciplinary knowledge, analytical ability, information processing proficiency, communication skills, and a sound liberal education for them to excel in the accounting profession and other business fields. [More about BBA-ACCT]

BBA (Hons)-Concentration Undecided (JUPAS Code: JS 2120)

The Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) programme (Concentration Undecided) is an integrated combination of general education and high quality business studies. It is designed for students who have great interest in business studies but haven't decided a focus field yet. Admitted students can investigate the different concentrations by completing a common Year 1 curriculum and must declare their concentration by the end of Year 1.

Students can choose from one of the following six areas which they will specialize from Year 2 onwards:
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The School does not set any quota and will accommodate students' choice of Concentration, except for Entrepreneurship Concentration, which selection interview may be required.

BBA (Hons)-Economics and Data Analytics Concentration

The Bachelor of Business Administration Programme (Economics and Data Analytics Concentration) offers you broad-based knowledge and technical skills – a powerful combination that employers want nowadays. As our name suggests, we emphasize the connection between theory and application in the industry. Besides traditional economics core courses that allow students to analyze individual markets and macroeconomies, we provide you with updated economic knowledge, skills and InfoTech in data analysis that are practical in the industry via both curricular and co-curricular learning activities, including workshops, seminars, and internships. Our training also paves way to graduate studies, which are commonly required for further career advancement.  [More about BBA-ECONDA]

BBA (Hons)-Entrepreneurship Concentration

The Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) programme (Entrepreneurship Concentration) aims to foster entrepreneurial spirit and global vision of students by using a multi-disciplinary and practical approach to provide them with entrepreneurial mindset, skills, knowledge and experience for business venturing, growth and development in local and international environment. This concentration is to prepare students to work as entrepreneurial change agent within a corporate setting or start up their own business venture. [More about BBA-ENTP]

BBA (Hons)-Finance Concentration

The Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) programme (Finance Concentration) equips students with knowledge pivotal to making sound investment and financing decisions. The curriculum emphasizes the functional areas of the finance profession: investment management, derivatives and risk management, fixed-income securities management and corporate finance. [More about BBA-FINE]

BBA (Hons)-Human Resources Management Concentration

The Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) programme (Human Resources Management Concentration) has been recognized as the leading human resources degree programme in Hong Kong in recent university ranking surveys. It provides a focus on human resources management, combining rigour of a business degree with exposure to the business arena in order to prepare students for the workplace challenges they will encounter in both local and international corporations. [More about BBA-HRM]

BBA (Hons)-Information Systems and Business Intelligence Concentration

The Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) programme (Information Systems and Business Intelligence Concentration) provides students with a broad knowledge of electronic business and management and a solid understanding of information systems auditing to meet the changing needs of a services-led and knowledge-based economy.
[More about BBA-ISBI]

BBA (Hons)-Marketing Concentration

The Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) programme (Marketing Concentration) nurtures students to become competitive and ethical business leaders in the global marketplace. We emphasize the linkage between theory and practice by connecting students with the industry. Our pedagogical approach equips students with up-to-date marketing knowledge and practical experience through various activities including seminars, field studies, internships, service learning, etc. The department aims at realizing students' conceptual ability to resolve marketing problems and contribute to the well-being of the society. [More about BBA-MKTG]

Programme Intended Learning Outcomes (PILOs)
Upon completion of the Programme

  1. Students will have the fundamental knowledge and skills required for managing a business.
  2. Students will have an in-depth understanding of an area of specialization such as accounting, economics data analytics, entrepreneurship, finance, human resources management, information systems and business intelligence and marketing.
  3. Students will have the oral and written communication skills and information technology skills necessary for working in a business environment.
  4. Students will be analytical and critical thinkers able to solve real-world business problems.
  5. Students will have a solid understanding of:
  • how business is influenced by its environment, including economic, social-cultural, legal-political, technological, and other general conditions, as well as by an    organization’s stakeholders.
  • the global nature of contemporary business; and
  • the value of business ethics and good corporate governance.
   ​​6. Students will have a broad exposure to non-business disciplines. (please click here for programme structures and contents before AY2019/20 and AY2018/19)

Programme Structure and Contents
The structure of the BBA curriculum directly reflects the emphasis on a general educational preparation for your career in business. For students admitted AY 2020/21, they are required to complete 31 units from University Core & General Education courses (please click here for the list), and take courses from Business Core (please click here for the list
). In order to complete the programme, students are required to gain 128 units in total: 21 units from Concentration courses, 30 units from Free Elective courses, 46 units from Business Core courses, and 31 units from University Core & General Education courses.

Additional graduation options include a Double Concentration within the BBA, or a Minor in a non-business discipline.