Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management Concentration

The Human Resources Management (HRM) Concentration has been recognized as the leading human resources degree programme in Hong Kong in recent university ranking surveys. It provides a focus on human resources management, combining rigour of a business degree with exposure to the business arena in order to prepare students for the workplace challenges they will encounter in both local and international corporations.

Salient Features


The HRM Concentration furnishes students with comprehensive knowledge to prepare for the HR profession, including recruitment and selection, human resources development, performance and reward management, labour relations and law


The HRM Mentoring Programme enables students to gain first-hand knowledge about the world of work and to start building their personal business networks through interactions with their mentors, who are senior HR executives


Students can apply their academic knowledge and skills in an actual work environment by enrolling in Business Internship, an HRM Concentration elective course. The course allows them to work as company interns for a semester while at the same time gaining academic credits


Students can pursue additional graduation options, including Double Concentration within BBA, or a Minor in non-business discipline

What are the career opportunities of graduates?
HRM graduates can pursue careers in management or human resources management or other management functions, including HR specialties such as recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation and benefits, and industrial relations; or other business executive positions.

Career Paths after Graduation

What professional recognition can graduates get?
1. Hong Kong Institute of Human Resources Management (HKIHRM)
Graduates are eligible to register as Associate Members of the Institute.

2. Hong Kong  People Management Association (HKPMA)                                     
Graduates are eligible to register as Associate Members of the Association.

3. Hong Kong Institute for Training Professionals (HKIPT)
Graduates are eligible to register as Associate Members of the institute. 

4. Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI)
Enrolled students and graduates are eligible to register as Members of the Institute.

Concentration Required Courses (15 units)
Human Resources Management
Human Resources Development
Recruitment and Selection
Performance Appraisal and Rewards
Labour Relations and Law

Concentration Elective Courses (6 units)
Human Resources Management Internship

Cross-Cultural and Comparative Management
Applied Social Psychology in Organisations
Human Resources Management in China
Human Resources Strategy and Planning
Human Resources Research and Measurement
Employee Wellness