Applied Economics

Applied Economics

The Applied Economics Concentration offers you broad-based knowledge and technical skills – a powerful combination that employers want nowadays. We emphasize the connection between theory and application in the industry. Besides popular economics core courses that allow students to analyze individual markets and macroeconomies, we provide you with updated economic knowledge and IT skills that are practical in the industry via both curricular and co-curricular learning activities, including workshops, seminars, and internships. 

Salient Features

  • Focus on the application of economic thinking and analysis to business decision making, public policies, and practical issues.
  • Provide frontier economic knowledge that apply to dynamic world and markets by constantly improving current and enriching curriculum.
  • Equip graduates with knowledge and skills that are crucial for their career developments in the fast-changing world by combining economic thinking with data analytics.
  • Ample opportunities for students to equip themselves with up-to-date market developments and technical skills, such as seminars offered by industry leaders, regulatory bodies and government officials, workshops focusing on uses of updated software, database application and programming skills.
  • Students can pursue additional graduation options including Double Concentration within BBA, or a Minor in non-business discipline.

What are the career opportunities of graduates?
In addition to the likely employment for BBA graduates in management, marketing/sales, accounting and banking, we have placed our Applied Economics graduates in more advanced jobs in financial and commercial sectors, such as asset management, credit analyst, risk management, treasury, and compliance, which require specifically a degree in economics or other relevant disciplines in finance, law and science. Some of our graduates have also pursued their careers as research analysts in business strategy development, public policy analysts for consulting firms, government and public utilities, as well as teachers of economics or liberal studies.

Concentration Required Courses (9 units) 
Intermediate Microeconomics  
Intermediate Macroeconomics  
Applied Econometrics

Concentration Elective Courses (12 units)  
Asia-Pacific Economies 
Big Data Analytics

Chinese Economic Developments  
Crisis Economics
Economic and Business Forecasting  

Economics of Entrepreneurship 
Economics of Human Resources  
Economies of Hong Kong and the Pan-Pearl River Delta  
Games and Economic Decisions  
International Financial Economics  
International Organization and Business Decision  
International Trade  
Introduction to Technical Analysis  
Mathematical Analysis for Economics  
Mathematics for Economists  
Money and Banking  
Money and Finance in China  
Public Finance  
Real Estate Economics
Business Economics Internship