Academic Advising

Academic Advising

Academic Advising

With a goal to better cater for student needs under the 4-year degree curriculum, The BBA Programme has developed an academic advising/ mentoring system to assist our undergraduate students to make smooth transition from school to University and to choose concentration that fit their interests and abilities.
Each student will be assigned a staff member as Mentor in the First Semester of Year 1 and each concentration has appointed an academic advisor to provide advising related to the concentration from their Year 2 studies. Moreover, BBA office organizes a series of activities aligning to the goals every academic year, including New Student Orientation, Concentration Briefing, Double Concentration Briefing, etc.

School Advising Coordinator

A School Advising Coordinator assumes overall responsibility for coordinating all academic advising and mentoring activities in the School, works closely with advisors/mentors at various levels to take care of students’ development during their University education.

 Dr. Peter Lau (contact details)


Each student will be assigned a staff member as Mentor in the First Semester of Year 1. The mentor will meet with the student regularly. The objective is to provide a friendly and supportive environment to every student throughout his/her study at the University. If close relationship between the mentor and the student is established and maintained, potential problem can be identified and averted at early stage.

Major Roles and Responsibilities

  1. To advise the student on matters relating to his/her academic programme and monitor his/her overall progress in the programme.
  2. To advise the student on personal, social and/or other problems which may arise. When necessary, refer problems to other channels such as the Chaplain, Counsellor, Director of Student Affairs, Head of Career Section and Head of Counselling and Development Section, etc. 
  3. To guide the student in his/her job search and placement.
  4. To keep in contact with the student after his/her graduation in order to monitor his/her progress and receive evaluation and feedback regarding the programme.

Academic Advisors

An Academic Advisor will be assigned for each concentration.

Major Roles and Responsibilities

  1. To support students and provide professional advice to them on academic matters.
  2. To facilitate students to develop learning and personal goals in the university studies.
  3. To provide guidance to Year 1 students who are interested to study his/her concentration.
  4. To provide information on relevant courses such as study schedule and course selection.

List of Academic Advisors

Accounting Concentration
Mr. Anthony Cheng (atfcheng; 3411 5206)

Economics and Data Analytics Concentration
Mr. Ryan Man (; 3411 8047)

Entrepreneurship Concentration
Dr. Y M Wong (; 3411 8004)

Finance Concentration
Dr. Astrophel Choo (; 3411 8014)

Human Resources Management Concentration
Dr. Amy Chen (
; 3411 8057)
Information Systems and Business Intelligence Concentration
Dr. Tony Wong (; 3411 7580)
Marketing Concentration
Dr. Clara Kan (; 3411 7547)

Support for New Students

To facilitate your adaptation to university life, the University provides various programmes and services to help you adapt to the new environment and plan your study pathways. Check the First Year Experience and Support for New Students now to get you connected with the University.